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We are updating out STATEMENT OF CIRCULATION based on last year’s activity. We are proud to say we have a steady following of 13,320 regular returning visitors. Our page load activity is just north of 44,000. Unlike a printed newspaper, our circulation is a more difficult calculus involving page loads, unique visits, first time visits, and returning visits.

We do not accept advertising to offset cost of operations. We are grateful for news tips and submissions for our news, commentary, and editorial pages. Thank you for continuing to spread the word about our coverage of important issues in Auburn Township and Geauga County. It is through your continued interest and awareness that Geauga County residents can become and stay informed about the issues that impact us.

With the exception of a few supportive donors, this website is self-funded and the staff is entirely voluntary. We are proud to serve Geauga County.


It is our mission to improve the Accountability and Transparency of local and county government.

Accountability means that public officials - elected and un-elected - have an obligation to explain their decisions and actions to the citizens.

Transparency in government means that citizens must be able to "see through" its workings, to know exactly what goes on when public officials conduct public business.

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